“The Raider Way” Project

“The Raider Way”


This is the main entrance into our school. Under these beams pass students, teachers, parents, and visitors to our school every day. Shouldn’t the entrance to our school say something about who we are? What we care about? What we do every day?

Now we have an opportunity to make that happen. The project is principal-approved, Art Department-encouraged, and in its opening stages. We want to see student art, welcoming words, and messages that tell everyone entering campus what it means to be a Raider. But to know exactly what those things would be or look like, we need to hear from you, the students of Channel Islands High School.

So think about what you would want to see up on these beams every morning, what you would want visitors to your school to see when they first come in. We’re taking suggestions for the next few weeks, so please submit whatever you feel is right and submit as often as you want. Just click the link.


What would you put on these beams?