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Raider Return 2022-23

Welcome Back Raiders!

All Raider students are welcomed back to campus to take care of business, see the campus, and reconnect with friends and teachers. Each class is assigned a different day. If you miss your day, Friday will be open to all grades. See the schedules below. 

Monday 8/8 - Seniors (12th Grade)
Tuesday 8/9 - Juniors (11th Grade)
Wednesday 8/10 - Sophomores (10th Grade)
Thursday 8/11 - Freshmen (9th Grade)
Friday 8/12 - Make Up Day (All Grades)


Purchase ASB Packages & PE Clothes

*exact change will be needed for purchases

ASB Packages are:  $35

PE Clothes:
   Shirt, Shorts & Sweatshirt - $30
   Shirt Only - $10
   Shorts Only $10 
   Sweatshirt Only $15

Clothes WILL NOT be handed out at this time. Students will need to keep their receipt and bring it on the first day of their PE class. PE teachers will handout clothes during the first week of class.