Measure A

A new opportunity has presented itself for us here at the Islands! Thanks to community support and the voice of the people, OUHSD is able to provide much-needed love to its various school facilities across the district. Channel Islands is in line to receive repairs to basic infrastructure, security improvements, classroom modernizations, sport facilities revitalization, and many long-coveted projects, such as our own swimming pool and air-conditioning.

It won’t happen overnight, but OUHSD takes seriously its commitment to the communities it serves. In order to keep our stakeholders informed of every development over the next few years, we will be posting updates here and on the district page. In addition, Measure A meetings will be regularly held on-site for stakeholders to dialogue directly with administrators, architects, and staff.

The next Measure A Meeting at CI will be 


Library Media Center, 4 PM

Students sit in class
Modern, Safe Classrooms are Key to Student Success

Administration Building Entry Renovation

Plans up for DSA Approval 

Athletic Field Renovation & Artificial Turf in Stadium

Stadium Light and Pole Replacement- in process district-wide

Athletic Venue RFP for Architect- slated for Feb 2019

Football Field Assessment- Completed

Baseball Field Assessment- Completed

Softball Field Assessment- Completed

Cafeteria and Lunch Shelter Renovation  
Classroom Door Lock-Block Retrofit  
Computer Lab Exit Renovations  
Conex Boxes Relocation  
Elevator Tower Repair 

Rust and water drained- Jan 2019

Gym Modernization  
Maintenance Building Security  

IT Site Infrastructure Assessment- Completed

ADA Access- review in process

WIFI Access Points Replacement- Feb 2019

Repairs- Two Story Classroom  
Replace Portable Classrooms Assessment in process 
Roofing Repair  
Security Improvements

Fencing Design up for DSA Approval

Risk Manager Position- in review

Security Camera Installation- Ongoing from Feb 2019

Digital Radios Transition- June 2019

Site Drainage Improvement  
Upgrade Fire Alarm System  
ItemStageEstimated Completion
Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades  
Field Entrance & Ticket Booth Improvements

Assessment in process

Field Restrooms & Snack Bar Renovation

Athletic Venue RFP for Architect- slated for Feb 2019

Assessment Completed

HVAC design in process

Lighting in Quad  
Miscellaneous Repairs in N and T Wings  
New Window Coverings  
Replace Asphalt Paving in Parking Lots 

Front parking lot repaved and graded- July 2018

Replace Locker Room WindowsAssessment of locker rooms in process 
Tennis Court Replacement

District-wide Resurfacing Assessment Completed

RFP in process

ItemStageEstimated Completion
New Pool & Aquatics Center

Will fall under Modernization

Renovate Woodshop into Maker Space

Possible CTE grant

Small PAC