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Graduation 2024

Channel Islands High School Graduation

CLASS of 2024

Date: Tuesday June 4th, 2024

Time: 2:00PM

Location: Ken Benefield Stadium @ Channel Islands High School 


Graduation Tickets:
Each graduate will be issued 5  tickets only. These tickets will be for either the home or visitor side, depending on where the graduate sits on the field. Graduates will receive their tickets on Monday, June 3 at the second graduation practice. No additional tickets will be issued as we must not exceed the capacity of the stadium.
Graduation Ceremony Arrival:
Graduates must be dropped off at the gate near the gym by 12:15 pm at the latest. The stadium will be open for families to enter at 1:00 pm.
Entry to the stadium will be at the gate accessed through the faculty parking lot or the gate accessed from Gary Drive.
Graduates MAY NOT wear leis during the graduation ceremony. Families need to save those items to adorn their graduate AFTER the ceremony.
Graduate Apparel:
Graduation is an important life event. Graduates are expected to wear a graduation robe, cap with a tassel, and a satin stole to the ceremony. Under the graduation robe, graduates are expected to in dress semi-formal attire. 
If you identify as male: 
  • A nice collared shirt
  • Nice pants; no jeans, no torn pants, no shorts. 
  • Dress to impress! 
  • Closed toe shoes. 
If you identify as female: 
  • A nice blouse and pants
  • A dress or skirt and blouse
  • No jeans or shorts, no torn clothing, no sheer/see through fabrics. 
  • Shoes - IF you choose to wear heels, they MUST be a wedge or block heel (1 inch block). 
  • NO Stiletto (spike) heels are allowed on the stadium track or field. 


Balloons, Horns, Posters, Umbrellas:
None of these items will be allowed in the stands as they will obstruct the view of other families. Balloons may be tied to the stadium fence and retrieved after the ceremony to give to graduates. No air horns, bells, or beach balls are permitted in the stadium. Umbrellas will obstruct the view of others, please choose to wear sunscreen and hats for sun protection. 
Parking Locations: 
  • Oxnard College -  The parking lot nearest Gary Drive.
  • College Park
  • Channel Islands High School - front parking lot with have limited space.
  • Praise Chapel Church - along Raider Way. Parking will be $10. 
  • VIP Parking - on basketball courts
  • Handicap Parking - Enter through the gate near the gym and park on the basketball courts behind the gym. ALL cars needing handicap parking must have a requested special access pass. 
*Please allow adequate time to park your car and walk to the stadium in time for the ceremony. *
Post Graduation:
Families will meet their graduate in the Channel Islands High School Quad. Families will NOT be allowed to join the graduates on the stadium field. Multiple backdrops for photo opportunities will be provided on the Quad.
Diploma Pick-Up: 
Graduates will pick up their Diploma on Wednesday, June 5 between 9:00 and 11:00 at the front of the main office.
Photography and Ceremony Live Stream:
The graduation ceremony will be live streamed for families to watch from home. Specific details for this connection will be provided closer to the event.
Graduate Photography:
Legends Photography will be offering a wonderful service to our graduates. Graduates who register with Legends using a selfie of their face will have access to any photo taken of that graduate by Legends during the ceremony. The photos will be available to purchase by that graduate and their family.
Families will have access to all photos taken that include their graduate, both formal poses, at the moment of graduation and candid photos. Families can choose to download or print any of these photos they choose, and package options will be available for purchase. The only requirement is that graduates register with a clear selfie picture. No registration - no photos.
Graduates! If you have not yet registered for Graduation photos, Click HERE to access more information and the registration link !