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Attendance- Policies and Procedures

Attendance During Distance Learning

Even in during this Distance Learning time, public education is compulsory and the Oxnard Union High School District must monitor the attendance of each student as it is tied to educational funding for our programs.

Because we do not see our students in our classrooms, we must provide evidence to the State that students are Engaged with Live teaching (Synchronous) and Independent (Asynchronous) Learning.

A student must be marked as Checked In or Checked In Late – which equals Present and Engaged.

To be Marked as Checked In – Students Must.
1. Be Present in each of their Live Class Sessions. AND…
2. Fill in a Google Check In form for each class that uses Google Classroom OR log into their Canvas class.
If Both tasks are completed – student is marked with a CI = Checked In (equivalent to Present).

What if a student Misses the Live Class?
1. As long as they fill in a Google Check In form for each class that uses Google Classroom OR logs into their Canvas class, they will be marked as CIL = Checked In Late (equivalent to Present).

What if a student FORGETS to Check In, but was in the live class?
1. They have until midnight to Check In through Google or Canvas. If they contact their teacher that day, their record can be corrected.
2. If they don’t Check In or contact their teacher – they will be marked absent (OA).

What if a student has Computer Problems and cannot connect to the Live Class or access their Google or Canvas Class?
1. The student needs to email their teacher, call 805 385-5903, or send an email to who can correct their attendance record with a CP (Computer Problems)

What if a student is Sick or has an Appointment?
1. If the student fills in a Google Check In form for each class that uses Google Classroom OR work on an assignment for a class that uses Canvas, they will be marked as CIL = Checked In Late (equivalent to Present).
2. Parent can send in Excusal Note by emailing, sending it through Parent Square, dropping off the note at the CIHS Office or calling (805) 385-5903 (English) or (805) 834-1451 (Spanish)

Students will be held accountable for their absences, just as they always have.

FAQ for In Person Attendance

Most frequent questions and answers

Best practice is to return your child to school with a written note stating the following:

  1. Student Name
  2. Student ID Number
  3. Date and Reason for the absence
  4. Your contact number
  5. Your signed name as the parent/guardian.

This note is to be submitted to the Attendance Office located on the counseling side of the administration building.

Per State Law and Board Policy, you must verify each absence within 72 hours of the absence. After 72 hours, unverified absences are considered unexcused.

You may also call the CIHS  Attendance Office at (805) 385-5903 (English) or 805-385-5902 (Spanish) to leave a message with the same information required on the written note. 

All notes and call logs received are stored in your student’s attendance folder. Please do not leave messages on any other phone line or leave notes in any other location on campus. 

You can monitor your child’s attendance on ParentVUE

Per Ed Code [EC 48205], valid or excused absences are:

  1. Student illness
  2. Student medical/dental appointment
  3. Illness or medical appointment during school hours of a child to whom the student is the custodial parent
  4. Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer. 
  5. Attendance of funeral of an immediate family member:
    1. One day –  Within California
    2. Three days – Outside of California or the country
  6. Specific religious activities, court orders, and limited visits with immediate family members called to or returning from military combat duty

You will receive an Excessive Excused Absence Notification in the mail after eight excused absences (missing class time 30 minutes or more of any day). You will receive a Second Excessive Excused Absence Notification in the mail after twelve excused absences. At that point, you will be asked to contact our Attendance Advisor at 805-385-2838 to discuss ways to improve your child’s attendance.  

After reaching 14 days of excused absences, all future absences due to illness must be verified by a physician for each day of absence.

State law [EC 48260-48273] is very specific about these types of absences. A student whose absences are not within Ed Code [EC 48205] will be marked “unexcused” for the day. These types of absences are also called “truancies.”

By law [EC 48260-48273], any pupil who misses 30 minutes or more of three or more school days without a valid excuse, whether it’s one period each day or three whole days, is considered truant.

Compulsory Education Law requires that students attend FULL days every day. Losing 30 minutes or more of instructional time also considered a truancy if it does not fall within Ed Code 48205 .

Make sure that you send your student to school on the day of an appointment with a doctor’s note to excuse the absence.  Students must return the pink off campus pass to the Attendance Office the following day signed by a parent in order for absences to be cleared.

Letters are automatically generated approximately every two weeks alerting you of your child’s attendance. You will receive a “First Notification of Truancy” after your child’s 3rd unexcused absence. You will receive a “Second Notification of Truancy” after your child’s 5th unexcused absence.

Depending on the severity of absences, you will be asked to attend a meeting with the Attendance Advisor at (805) 385-2838 to discuss how to improve your child’s attendance.

If your child’s attendance doesn’t improve after the conference and the 10th unexcused absence occurs, you may receive a “Third Notification of Truancy” and could be scheduled for a School Attendance Review Team meeting.  This team of educators and members of the community will review your child’s attendance record and situation to provide support and intervention to encourage improved attendance. Should attendance continue to be an issue after this meeting,  penalties may be issued.

OUHSD offers alternative educational options for students with special circumstances that have been verified by a physician. Please contact your student’s counselor if you are in this situation.

If your child must go out of town for five or more days, you may request that your child be signed up for an Independent Study Agreement by his or her counselor. Please note that teachers will need at least one week in advance to prepare materials.

In order to obtain an off campus pass and get your student to their appointment on time, you must bring a note signed and dated with the reason and time of release for your student. This will avoid disrupting the instructional environment. 

Off campus passes are distributed by the Attendance Office and/or the Front Office. 

You must come to the office to sign your student out of school. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to leave with any person other than his/her parent or guardian without written consent.  For the safety of our students, we are required to see a Photo ID. 

Leaving campus without clearance will be treated as a truancy.