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Academic Decathlon

Lyra Cabanban was chosen as the winner of the competition design this year. Her design was used on all the medals, pins, and plaques. 


Academic Decathlon, otherwise abbreviated to Aca Deca, is an opportunity where students partake in a competition alongside team members against similar teams of other schools in Ventura County. The competition consist of 10 academic events. Student take tests in art, science, social science, music, econ, literature and math. All around a certain theme that is chosen each year. Students also give an interview, essay as well as speech. It is open to everyone as it is designed for students of all backgrounds, and grades. Teams consist of nine members which would be divided among three categories based on GPA (Honor, Scholastic and Varsity). One of the benefits of Aca Deca is that you gain knowledge on unorthodox topics and you go beyond your comfort zone to prepare you for your future. Another benefit is meeting an amazing variety of people who understand that love of learning and appreciate every quirk.

Advisor: Caitlyn Gintjee

Meeting Place: Room P6

Social Media:

Twitter: @AcademicCihs
Instagram: @cihsacademicdecathalon
Facebook: CIHS Academic Decathalon

ACADECA 2023-24 Season Resuluts:

Team Rankings: 

  • 3rd Place: Essay, Math, Social Science, Econ
  • 2nd Place: Art, Literature
  • 1st Place: Science, Music
  • 1st tie with Westlake High School in SuperQuiz

Individual Medals: 

  • Nicole Olipani: 3rd in art and interview
  • Allyssa Gabihan: 3rd in music. 2nd in literature. 1st in science, art, essay
  • Maverick Diaz: 2nd in essay
  • Ava Noyola: 3rd in social science, essay. 2nd in music, art.
  • Giovanni Sanchez: 3rd in music. 1st in science. Voted MVP
  • Melody Dimas: 3rd in literature.
  • Aliya Gutierrez: 3rd in literature. 1st in interview.
  • Alecksa Llarenas: 1st in interview
  • Angel Chappidi: 1st in interview
  • Dylan Cahuantzi: 2nd in science
  • Cristian Rodriguez: 1st in essay, interview
  • Gabriel Decastro: 2nd in science. 1st in social science, literature, music, art. Voted MVP. Highest Individual Score on the Team. 

AcaDeca 2022-23 Season Results: 
  • Matthew Albavera: 2nd in Science, 3rd in Econ 
  • Treeden Bautista: 2nd in Literature
  • Alma Tolentino: 2nd in Interview, 2nd in Music, 3rd in Art
  • Ashley Vargas-Mayo: 2nd in Essay, 2nd in Interview
  • Roxana Hernandez: 2nd in Essay
  • Elysia Caliboso: 3rd in Interview
  • Lorene Camba: 3rd in Art
  • Angie Rivera-Siler: 1st in Art, 3rd in Literature, Highest score on the team (she even got a plaque for this!)