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How to Find my Distance Learning Class?

Step 1: Class Schedule

  1. Go to your Student Vue account and select Class Schedule from the menu on the left side. 
  2. Write down the Period, Class Name and Teacher. 
  3. You will most likely have a dismissal period – pay close attention.

Step 2: Teacher Directory


  1. Go to the CIHS Home page .
  2. Click Weekly Agenda Button.
  3. Select your teacher’s name – Click on their Name
  4. Click the Weekly Agenda button for your class period

Please click the icon below for an instructional Screencastify to help you get to your first Google Meet!

Step 3: Weekly Agenda and Google Meet Code

  1. Click the Google Meet button to access the Live Class Meet at the beginning of class
  2. Repeat for each of your classes

Please click the icon below for an instructional Screencastify about the Weekly Agenda!

Quarter System FAQ's

The majority of students will take 3 courses. Only students who require additional educational support will take an additional course each quarter.

Instead of taking 6 classes for a semester that is 16 weeks long, you are only taking 3 classes at a time. In 8 weeks, you will finish a semester’s worth of coursework and skills. The next quarter, you will start a new semester’s worth of classes! This means attendance is important – miss a couple days of a class and you are behind!

  • In one year, a CIHS student will take 12 (5 unit) semester classes.
  • Instead of taking 6 classes at a time, you will take 3  (5 unit) classes every quarter.
  • 3 classes x 4 quarters = 12 classes.
Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
BiologyEnglish BiologyEnglish
PESpanishPE Spanish
Math 1HistoryMath 1 History

Quarter 1 classes will be finished up Quarter 3. Quarter 2 classes will be finished up Quarter 4.