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Attendance during Distance Learning

Live Class Sessions:

  • Student attendance and participation is required for 180 school days, this includes classes taught in a Distance Learning environment.
  • Students will attend all live class sessions via Google Meet.
  • Teachers will clearly communicate – by posting online or through email – the Google Meet link for each class.
  • Live class sessions (Google Meet) will begin at the start time for each period.
  • Teachers will take attendance during the class period.
  • If a student has technical difficulties that prevents them from attending class, they must communicate with the teacher.

Present AND Checked In: 

Students who participate in the live class session still need to be marked as Checked In by participating in Independent work using their Google Classroom or Canvas class.

  • Canvas Classes – students log in and work on any activity. Their participation  is recorded by Canvas.
  • Google Classroom – students must fill in a Check In form each day to record their attendance and participation in the online class.
    • Link for the Check In form will be prominently displayed in the Google Classroom.

Each night, a District computer search will record the participation of every student in each Canvas class and the completion of the Google Classroom Check In form – and will update attendance records.

Flexibility for students: 

  • If a student misses a Live class – they can be marked as Checked In* (late) if….  
    • they log in to that period’s Canvas or Google Classroom
    • fill out a Check In form (Google Classroom only)
    • work on assignment in that class before 11:59 pm that day 


  • If a student DOES NOT log in to their online class and participate (and complete a Google Classroom Check In form)….even if they were present for the  live session, they will be marked as an unexcused absence.
  • Every Day – Every Student – Needs to log in to each of their Online Classes and participate. 
  • Every Day  – Every Student in a Google Classroom – fills out the Check In Form.


  • If a student is ill, has a medical appointment, or a funeral that causes them to miss the class session and prevents them from participating in the Independent class work – parents need to excuse that absence within three days of the absence.
  • Parents can call in their absence, send an email through Parent Square or to, or bring a hand written note to the school to excuse that absence.
  • The normal truancy policy applies during Distance Learning. Office staff will be calling daily to determine why a student is not participating in live class sessions or independent work.IMPO