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In their final year at Channel Islands, the senior class represents the best of Raider student leadership and scholarship. A year of decisions, milestones, capstone achievements, and memories, whatever our Seniors go through, the Channel Islands family is prepared and eager to assist them in making the best out of it.

Scroll Down for a Timeline of Workshop and Deadlines to help you whether you plan and make the most of your last year at the Islands.

Senior Finals ( start June 9)


Graduation Countdown (June 15)



Senior Year Checklist

  • August 1st: UC Application Opens

  • Research scholarships

  • Practice for the SAT and ACT to improve score

  • Request letters of recommendation

  • Make sure fall and spring class schedule satisfy college admission requirements

  •  Sign up for the ACT or SAT Reasoning test

  • Research any recommended SAT Subject Tests for your intended schools. Sign up for them

  • Gather all information required for admissions to insure you don’t forget any necessary information (volunteer work, student awards, activities, clubs and organizations, etc.)

  •  Begin gathering financial aid information and request an FSA ID

  •  Research scholarship

  • Ask for Letters of Recommendation
  • October 1st
  • Review CSU Educational Opportunity (EOP) Deadlines
  • Look at the FAFSA PDF print out before you start it online
  • Attend Senior College Night, Financial Aid Night
  • Attend any College Fairs in your area
  • Make last minute visits to college campuses you’re interested in attending
  • Apply to Community College (Oxnard, Ventura or Moorpark)
  • Attend College/Financial Aid workshops
  • Ask for Letters of Recommendation
  • Submit your Senior Packet and Sign the Senior Compact
  • APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS (Scholarships list available in the College and Career Center)
  • Apply and submit UC college application November 1st – 30th
  • Apply and submit CSU college application due November 30
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Attend College/Financial Aid application workshops by EAOP
  • Last month to take the SAT or ACT (make sure to release your scores)
  • Apply and submit private universities application (deadlines vary)
  • Create your student portals for each university you applied to
  • Apply for scholarships (ex. Ventura County Community Foundation)
  • Start saving money (Prom, AP tests, GradNite)
  • Apply and submit private universities applications (deadlines vary)
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Continue to work on FAFSA/Dream Act (if not submitted)
  • Attend Financial Aid workshops
  • Submit 1st semester transcript to universities (if requested to do so)
  • Keep saving money
  • Register for AP tests
  • Submit your Senior Packet, so your diploma will be ordered and correct
  • Submit 1st semester transcript to universities (if requested to do so)
  • File your FAFSA by March 2nd
  • Check status of your Cal Grant Verification form
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Attend Financial aid nights/workshops
  • Keep saving money (Prom, Yearbook, Gradnite, missing textbooks)
  • FAFSA & Cal Grant due March 2nd
  • Continue applying for scholarships
  • Attend a Community College Orientation
  • Keep saving money (Prom, Yearbook, Gradnite, missing textbooks)
  • Revise FAFSA; if needed
  • Review your awards letters/ financial package for each campus where you have been accepted
  • Submit your SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) before May 1st
  • Send thank you letters for any scholarships and awards you’ve received
  • Register for summer programs at your college campus
  • Sign-up for orientation
  • Complete college’s financial aid verification process
  • Sign up for classes at a Community College
  • Continue applying for SCHOLARSHIPS
  • Look for a job
  • Keep saving money (Yearbook, Gradnite, missing textbooks)
  • Complete your Senior Checklist
  • Pay your housing and any other fees
  • Register for Early Start, if necessary
  • Request your final transcript to be sent to your university
  • Submit your design for cap decoration
  • Attend Graduation practice (ALL 3 DAYS)