Clubs and Activities

“We are what we do. Excellence is eternal.” -Aristotle

Geography Club

To enhance a better understanding of geographic issues on a local, national, and global scale. To serve as a recruitment tool for the annual Oxnard College Geography competition held on the third Saturday of November.

Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in room 17.

Founded: September of 1994.

Advisors: Robert Rada/Ernie Carrasco

Academic Decathlon

The premier academic competition of the county, Academic Decathlon is a ten-part, eight-subject event centered around a topic unique to each year. Teams comprise of students from various grade levels and GPAs and compete against similar teams from around the county. Students develop study and professional skills, subject knowledge, perseverance, and lifelong memories.

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch, P-12

Founded: 2006

Advisors: Ms. Gintjee

Mock Trial

Where students participate in mock trials to learn about the legal system in a competitive manner against other schools in the county and state.

Meetings: 0 period, Tues & Thurs 530-730pm Saturdays 1-4 room 32

Founded: NA

Advisors: Mrs. Monica Adrian

The Isle File

We produce the school newspaper and maintain an online presence. It is basically a Journalism 101 class.

Meetings: Class meets daily; we open for class business as needed.

Founded: The Isle File started in the 1996-1997 school year.

Advisors: John Grennan

Isle File Online

Isle File Twitter

CIHS Raider Band- The Tsunami of Sound

Sharing the value of our music education through our “Tsunami of Sound” the Raider Band provides spirited music for CIHS and community events.

Meetings: During band class and after school at MB2

Founded: 2004

Advisor: Loreto Teruel

Band Facebook 

CIHS Student Arts Collective

Poetry Slams, Open-Mics, songwriting

Meetings: Wednesdays @ lunch in rm 62

Founded: 2010

Advisor: Nick Schlesinger


Brass instrument players of Channel Islands High School. We do small group performances.

Meetings: 4-5pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays, MB2

Founded: 2017

Advisor: Mr. Roque

California Scholarship Federation

We are a community service organization that recognizes academic excellence in students.

Meetings: regular meeting Mondays at lunch room 13, officer meetingtuesdays at lunch room 13

Founded: 1967 when the school opened

Advisor: Terrie Romines

Helpers of our Community (HOOC) Club

It is a community service club. We provide service for the community and raise funds for different charities.

Meetings: every Wednesday, lunch, Room 52

Founded: 2005

Advisors: Cristina Reyes

HOOC Facebook

American Red Cross Club

We are a student chapter of the American Red Cross. We serve local emergencies and service events.

Meetings: Wednesday at lunch, Room 61

Founded: 2014

Advisor: Mr. David Corona

Self-Defense Club

We empower and educate our members on sexual assault, harassment, and other issues related to self defense.

Meetings: Rm 91- times vary.

Founded: This year.

Advisor: Clancy

French Club

French Club – to promote French culture, customs and language

Meetings: Wednesdy, during lunch ,in room # 22

Founded: Importance of knowing French culture

Advisor: Elzbieta Dabrowska

Young Life

Social club to learn about the bible and life situations.

Meetings: Thursdays, 12:47 (lunch)

Founded: 2016

Advisor: David Haynes

Spanish Club

Spanish cultural club.

Meetings: Room 48 Fridays at lunch.

Founded: 2017 but I know it was here before I came.

Advisors: Maria Duran & Elizabeth Garcia

Filipinx Club

Students interested in learning about the Filipinx culture.

Meetings: Lunch, Tuesdays, Room 21 (Mr. Hill)

Founded: 2017

Advisors: Mr. Roque and Mr. Hill

Model United Nations

We study issues of a supranational nature that would be presented to the United Nations.

Meetings: Friday at Lunch

Founded: 2018

Advisors: Bankert

MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement)

Provides college readiness, STEM enrichment, hands-on competitions, academic support, a supportive and mentoring community to students of historically under-represented groups in the STEM fields of study and industry. Over 90% of our senior members graduate every year, 80%+ go on to higher education.

Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in Room 37

Founded: 1982

Advisors: Sarah Mutuku, David Corona

Science Club

A science based activity club exposing kids to real world science.

Meetings: Wednesdays lunch (12:30pm)

Founded: 1990

Advisor: David Haynes

Auto Club

Students work on real world build projects

Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some Saturdays

Founded: 2008

Advisor: Throckmorton

RoboRaiders (CI Robotics Club)

We build robots.

Meetings: Wednesday after school, Room 61

Founded: 2018

Advisor: Mr. David Corona

Video Game Club

Our club is a space for students to learn about and play video games on campus. We also organize fundraisers and events on and off campus.

Meetings: We meet every Tuesday at lunch in P-11.

Founded: 2015-16

Advisor: Shane Rogers

Meditation and Mindfulness Club

Teaching meditation and breathing techniques to help all ages deal with stress

Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in room 14 every other week starting in February

Founded: 2016

Advisor: Chris Gillian

All Heart Yoga

Exercises for mind and body.

Meetings: Room 63, Mon & Wed at lunch time

Founded: 2017 Fall

Advisor: Rousseau

Drama Club

CIHS Drama Club is open to any academically qualified student in grades 9-12. The Drama Club holds theater games and activities including improvisation, role-play situations, play readings, and play productions such as the OUHSD Drama Festival.

Meetings: Meetings are held every Wednesday at lunch in room 57.

Founded: 2017

Advisor: Advisor-Ms.Madonna, co-advisor- Mr. Saunders

Raiders for Animal Rights

Students coming together to learn about ways to lessen the harm on animals through advocacy, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Meetings: Tuesdays at lunch room 32

Founded: 2008

Advisor: Monica Adrian

RAR Facebook

Culinary Crew (FCCLA)

Leadership program,

Meetings: 7:15 am, Mondays @ RM 35

Founded: 2016

Advisor: Christie Biddison

Culinary Cooking

Culinary Twitter


Go -between for students and cafeteria. Learn about nutrition and plant the garden. Will go on field trips to local farms.

Meetings: Lunch on Mon or Wed

Founded: 2017

Advisors: Taira Garces/ Ana Jackson

Peer Resource

Students provide conflict resolutions and peer mediations for those students who request it or are referred.

Meetings: 2nd period, room 93c

Founded: We re-opened the account last year

Advisor: Zazil Sanchez

Ninth Grade Class ASB

Meetings: 1 or 2 times a month at lunch

Founded: don’t know

Advisor: Matt Urwick

Sophomore Class ASB

ASB Sophmore class organizes fundraisers and events for their class so that they may have funds for various activities.

Meetings: Once a month in room 93c

Founded:  Not sure

Advisor: Zazil Sanchez

Junior Class ASB

Junior Class ASB is put together by the Junior class to increase school spirit and participate/organize school functions.

Meetings: Most Recent:1/11/18. Room 56. 3:10-4:00

Founded: N/A

Advisor: Ramiro Mares


Senior Class ASB

Meetings: twice a month, rm 50

Founded: N/A

Advisor: Phyra Prum


Link Crew

An organization whose goal is help Freshman feel a part of CIHS, while organizing and attending freshmen Orientation and any Freshmen Class functions.

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the month in ASB room

Founded: [Unknown]

Advisor: Brett Zielsdorf