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Science Department

Ambler, Tim

Anthony, Magen

Atwater, Kip

Chambers, Angelica

Corona, David

Gamboa, Adam

Gintjee, Caitlyn

Gurney, Graham

Harrell, Elisabeth 

Huffstedtler, Lynette

Jones, Carly

Lujan, Theresa

Mutuku, Sarah

Plascencia, Fatima

Salcido, Norma

Sanchez, Zazil

Science Course List

UC A-G: Science (D)

2 years required, 3 years recommended

Anatomy & Physiology

Astronomy & Space Science

Biology of the Living Earth

Biology of the Living Earth (Honors)

Chemistry in the Earth System

Earth & Space Science

Environmental Science


Marine Biology


Physics of the Universe

Marine Science Academy (MSA) Courses

Marine Biology MSA

Environmental Field Studies

Natural Resources I MSA

Natural Resources II MSA

AP Courses

AP Chemistry

AP Physics C: Mechanics


Other AP Courses not currently offered in the 2023-2024 school year

AP Biology

AP Environmental Science