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Last  First  Courses  Email Address Phone Number
Ambler Timothy Chemistry/Marine Biology (805) 834-1420
Anthony Magen AP Chemistry/Chemistry (805) 385-5894
Atwater Kip Marine Biology/Physiology (805) 385-8925
Chambers Angelica AVID/Biology (805) 278-3013
Corona David AP Physics/ Physics (805) 385-2724
Gamboa Adam Chemistry/Oceanography (805) 385-5857
Gintjee Caitlyn Biology (805) 834-1396
Gurney Graham Chemistry/Earth & Space (805) 385-5907
Harrell Elisabeth Environmental Science (805) 385-5253
Huffstedtler Lynette Astronomy/Chemistry (805) 385-5843
Jones Carly Biology/Physiology (805) 385-5908
Lujan Theresa Marine Science Academy (805) 385-5880
Mutuku Sarah Chemistry (805) 385-5938
Plascencia Fatima AVID/Health (805) 385-5251
Salcido Norma Biology (805) 385-5969
Sanchez Zazil Health (805) 385-5204
Science Course List

UC A-G: Science (D)

2 years required, 3 years recommended

Anatomy & Physiology

Astronomy & Space Science

Biology of the Living Earth

Biology of the Living Earth (Honors)

Chemistry in the Earth System

Earth & Space Science

Environmental Science


Marine Biology


Physics of the Universe

Marine Science Academy (MSA) Courses

Marine Biology MSA

Environmental Field Studies

Natural Resources I MSA

Natural Resources II MSA

AP Courses

AP Chemistry

AP Physics C: Mechanics


Other AP Courses not currently offered in the 2023-2024 school year

AP Biology

AP Environmental Science