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College & Career Center

Coach Raq (“Rock”) is on campus every Monday through Thursday, with his office hours from 8:00am until 1:00pm and 1:30pm to 3:30pm for anything and everything College and/or Career related.

To set up a time to meet with him in person, please make an appointment via Calendly by clicking here:

Appointments outside of normal office hours or on Fridays can be arranged via email at or by text at 805-330-1483Please remember to wear a mask!

2020-2021 Schedule Change

Many of you may have questions about the schedule change that occurred this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our distance learning/hybrid format. How did the format for our school day change? How do students get all of their credits for the year if they only take three (or some cases four) classes, instead of our usual six classes per day?

During this 2020-21 school year, Oxnard Union High School District transitioned to a Quarter System. Each quarter course is equivalent to a semester course. In a semester system there were 56 instructional minutes per course. In our current quarter system there are 90 instructional minutes per course.

By doing so, students are able to meet the credit requirements that are needed to graduate, as well as fulfill the A-G requirements. Any other questions about the schedule change? Feel free to contact Coach Raq or your counselor with any additional questions about the 2020-2021 schedule change.

Work Permits

If you need a Work Permit, just follow these 3 easy steps.
Step #1- 
Print the attached digital copy of the Application for Work Permit (if you do not have a printer, you can obtain the blue hard copy of “Application for Work Permit” from the office window in the quad or directly from Coach Raq at the College & Career Center office during his office hours)
Step #2- 
Complete every line on the application and obtain signatures from your parent and your employer.  You will also need to sign the document.
If you leave any line blank, we will be unable to issue Work Permit, so please be thorough and complete each line.
Step #3- 
Once the “Application for Work Permit” is completed,  including all signatures, contact Coach Raq at or set up an appointment through is Calendly. Once you have set up a meeting, you will meet Coach Raq at the College & Career Center at Channel Islands campus to turn in your application to receive the official Work Permit. 
*Please note that it can take up to 24 hours after turning in your application for it to be processed. Please plan accordingly.

College and Career Websites

  • – Search for scholarships with free scholarship matching service, get student financial aid and find money to pay for college
  • – Up to date information for students and parents on how to pay for college using scholarships, grants, and other sources of free money
  • Sallie Mae College Planning Toolbox – Detailed information on education savings plans, school costs, ways to pay for college, scholarships, and the entire student financial aid process. Provides a free, easy to use scholarship search tool
  • – Step by step guide to free scholarships and grants. The Scholarship Search online tool can help you locate scholarships, internships, grants, and loans that match your education level, talents, and background
  • – Provides information on college admissions, links to academic resources, and online applications. Mach25 Scholarship Search database contains over 600,000 scholarships
  • – Information about the best free scholarship searches, unusual scholarships, prestigious scholarships and fellowships to pay for college
  • – Free college scholarship search & financial aid information resource, connecting students & parents with college funding
  • – On-line access to largest scholarship database and guide to financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans
  • – Information on California’s 529 College Investment Plan and the Governor’s Scholarship Program
  • – Information on college scholarships and financial aid, free college scholarship searches, colleges and universities, and college and university admission requirements
  • – New scholarships are posted monthly. This free quality information includes all of the details you need to apply now, including eligibility requirements, deadlines, amounts, contact name, address, phone number and website of the scholarship sponsor
  • – Students who register can use this free service to help locate third party scholarship and grant money
  • – Conduct a free college scholarship & financial aid search, for students of all ages
  • – Search database to find scholarships, apply for student loans, State, Federal, and other types of financial aid
  • – Scholarships and financial aid for permanent legal residents and U.S. Citizens, as well as private scholarships available to all students, regardless of immigration status, or country of origin
  • – Scholarship search provides information and direct links to the most current scholarships available on the web
  • – Provides a time-saving, customized list of free scholarships that match your hobbies, interests and academic background
  • – Free database of scholarships, grants, contests, and more sources of free money for college
  • – Find free money for college. Search the database of more than 6.2 million scholarships valued at over $16 billion
  • – Explanations to how college funding works, the types of scholarships available, how to find them and how to apply for them
  • – Easy to use scholarship listing, which narrows scholarships down by state, university, community college, gender, heritage, attributes, disabilities, talents, and many more categories
  • – Reviews of a variety of scholarship programs, where you can find them, the application forms (when available), and most importantly, what you need to do to get them
  • – Provides information about scholarships such as the national Dollars for Scholars Program and educational support
  • – Information on scholarships available to black students, predominantly black colleges and universities, and how to write scholarship essays
  • – A comprehensive, all inclusive guide to college information including scholarships and how to apply for them
  • – Provides help finding the money you need for college from all available funding sources as well as one of the largest scholarship search engines on the web
  • – Nursing Scholarship Program for U.S. citizens or nationals enrolled or accepted for enrollment as full-time or part-time students in an accredited school of nursing in a professional program
  • – Information on college exploration, steps to college, financial aid, career and technical colleges, and homework help
  • Native American Scholarships
  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
  • Lowe’s Scholarship
  • Elks National Foundation Scholarships
  • Gates Millennium Scholars
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
  • Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Disney Scholarship
  • Wal-Mart Foundation
  • Zonta International (Women Only)
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program Scholarship
  • Ventura County Community Foundation
  • Cybersecurity Scholarship Guide

Mark Anthony Raquedan

College & Career Center Technician | CTE Dance Pathway Teacher | Squads Coach