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Staff Recognition


What does it mean to be a Raider Rockstar? 
Multiple times a year, staff at CIHS have the opportunity to nominate a colleague who they feel is going above and beyond. 
The nominations are collected and the selected staff member is presented with the ROCKstar Trophy and a Certificate of Appreciation by the administrator who oversees PBIS. 

Congratulations to all the teachers and staff members who have been nominated so far and thank you for all you do for the students at CIHS!

Staff! Want to nominate a colleague?

Check your emails for the link or click Raider ROCKstar Nomination Form

TREEmendous Teacher

What does it mean to be a TREEmendous Teacher? 

TREEmendous teacher is a new recognition program where teachers are nominated by students to recognize teachers for all they do.

Five teachers will be chosen every two weeks and the chosen teachers will be presented with the TREEmendous Teacher Snow Globe and a Certificate of Appreciation. 

Students! Want to nominate a teacher? Check out the CIHS Instagram for the link or click TREEmendous Teacher Nomination Form

*must be logged in to your Oxnard Union account to access the form.*

12.11.23 Monica Adrian

"Monica goes above and beyond for both her students and her colleagues. She takes the time to understand the needs of her students and brilliantly changes up her lessons when students aren't getting it. She goes out of her way to support new teachers. She is a mentor, guide, and source of inspiration. When I grow up...I want to be like Monica!"

"She has been a great mentor to me so far and has really supported me with some of my struggles in the classroom. She is always willing to help and ready to share her expertise!"

10.02.23 Valarie Ulrich

"Mrs. Ulrich runs a totally unique club, different from any other campus I've heard of: Crochet! This fiber art provides students with a calming and productive activity, and she makes it available to them every lunch - regular and reliable. This involves students regardless of gender and from many backgrounds."

3.13.23 Amanda Aminian

"Amanda is so dedicated to her students and being an awesome educator. She goes above and beyond to make sure her caseload students are doing well and being successful. She makes caseload management look so easy. She has great connections with kids and the students love her. She is an awesome co-teacher for the math department. With all this, she is also a beautiful mother of a 1 year old."

10.17.22 Adelina Lopez

"She has been so helpful for the department. When we need new curriculum, she does it without complaints. When you ask her for help, she is there and she always keeps us on our toes to make sure we share excellent lessons. She is an amazing teacher and some how kills it at being a great mom. I am so honored to have her as my friend and colleague."

05.25.2022 - Ms. Santa Coria

"She goes above and beyond for our students. Not only is she a GREAT counselor but a great human being as well."

04.25.2022 - Ms. Heather Molloy

"Heather has a HUGE heart. She goes above and beyond in making sure students feel loved, accepted, and empowered. She works tirelessly to build connections and teach in innovative ways. I am in awe of her passion for her job. CI is lucky to have her!"

03.07.2022 - Mr. Mark Raquedan
"By day Mark handles the college career center through processing work permits, researching and informing the student body on scholarships, and sets up important events to prepare students for life after high school. He transitions from being the college and career technician to fulfilling his role as Head Coach and Advisor for the Channel Islands Squads as the final bell rings everyday. He handles much of the administrative and choreographic roles necessary to keep our National award-winning champions striding through year after year. His dauntless passion with education and dance provides the catalyst needed to pursue these endeavors. He is an amazing inspiration for students and fellow faculty to look up to."
02.03.2022 - Ms. Marianne Ramos

"Mrs. Ramos, in her first year as principal, has gone above and beyond not only to serve the students and families of the Raider community, but also to serve the staff. Mrs. Ramos embodies the principles of "servant leadership." She serves first and foremost by enriching all of us. In doing so, she creates a stronger organization that becomes filled with justice and caring. This is what makes her leadership so effective. She will always be a ROCKstar to me!"

01.10.2022 - Mr. Jody Clark

"Mr. Clark has always been super helpful covering for his colleagues when needed. He also stands outside his classroom to greet his students."

11.08.2021 - Ms. Magen Anthony

"Magen is a ROCKstar because as a teacher new to CI, she is getting involved and building relationships with students and colleagues. Magen collaborates with other teachers in her department sharing great lesson ideas, keeps students engaged, and has taken on CSF and Cross Country, too."

10.18.2021 - Ms. Samantha Macias

"She has helped so much with technology during distance learning (learning canvas) and currently helping us with tech issues.  Also, she accepted a new role as department chair."

"She is the glue that keeps our department together. She has helped push us to collaborate and work together to give consistent instruction to all students and has introduced great tech into our classrooms."  

10.04.2021 - Ms. Stacie Lueg

“Nurse Stacie has been on the frontlines dealing with the COVID situation on campus. She is always calm and reassuring to students, families, and co-workers when there are COVID issues involved.”

09.21.2021 - Ms. Susie Robles

“Susie is hard working, a team player, and remains calm throughout all that is going on. She has been tasked with coordinating subs during this crazy pandemic. She works well beyond her assigned hours to get this done yet she remains a positive force on our campus.”

03.05.2020 - Mr. Manny Lopez

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Manny when he was a student teacher and now as a newly hired teacher.  He has great energy, understands how to utilize different strategies to reach all students, and he is creative when implementing curriculum, and classroom activities.  He is a dedicated teacher and gives his all in and out of the classroom."

02.06.2020 - Mrs. Jenny Lopez

"Jenny has great ideas when it comes to integrating technology into her classroom in creative ways and is always willing to share her creations. Jenny has also worked hard to make sure that new teachers in her department feel welcomed and included on campus. Did I also mention all her work as a tech coach and yearbook instructor? Thanks for all you do Jenny! "

12.05.2019 - Mr. Daniel Santos

" Mr. Santos is a rockstar because he strives to hold all of his students to a high standard both academically and behaviorally.  He is a new teacher at the Islands, and I see him working hard to honor our culture and at the same time develop his own challenging lessons and curriculum.  Every day, Mr. Santos greets his students at the door and encourages them to have their work ready when they enter the classroom."

11.21.2019 - Mr. Michel Lara

“He is always ready to help students and staff alike. He is a quiet but diligent counselor who goes above and beyond.”

11.17.2019 - Mr. Greg Puentes

 “He is an awesome campus supervisor! Always friendly and helpful, and he has helped me get to know CI.”

10.24.2019 - Mr. Adrian Garcia

I'd like to nominate Adrian Garcia as Raider ROCKstar because he is UH. MAZE. ING.

He is currently teaching 6 periods with three preps (INCLUDING his period 6 where he is SPLIT between coaching soccer and teaching math). He is firm, but fair with the students challenging them appropriately and motivating them with the honesty that he truly believes in them.  They respect him immensely, replying to him with,  "Yes, sir." 

Mr. Garcia is co-teaching for the first time. And as if he doesn't already have enough minds to mold, he is also doing his best to teach an old dog (me) new tricks when it comes to math, yet he STILL values me as an expert in the room. I am incredibly lucky to be able to work with him.  He is a TRUE ROCKstar!


10.10.2019 - Ms. Kimberly Tahsuda

"Ms. Tahsuda carries herself with grace and confidence. She walks in a field of positive vibes and a quality of ease. She is welcoming and goes to great lengths to serve the needs of students and her fellow colleagues. As a teacher new to CI, I have found her to be super accommodating and generous with her time. Ms. Tahsuda exemplifies living in "island time", here on the islands. She seems to honor a value for time that is not based on Greenwich Mean Time, but rather a human quality of time that acknowledges and activates a vibrant life-force energy; reaffirming a multidimensional approach to caring for the health and well-being of her island family. I always feel comfortable asking her for assistance, and her demeanor communicates a natural joy for engaging in community of our lives together at CI.”

09.26.2019 - Ms. Elisabeth Harrell

"Elise is always working for others- whether it’s her colleagues or students. She puts an enormous amount of thought into her work, makes lessons engaging (for staff and students), creates helpful tips and tutorials, and faces challenges with a positive attitude."

Why did you nominate this teacher? 

1. Mr. Throckmorton - "He is awesome and actually teaches something that all students will have to know in the future"

2. Mr. Santos - "He thinks about what is best for students, helps everyone in class,  tries to make things fun, and encouraged to try my hardest."

3. Mr. Atwater - "He is always helpful, has patience, shows compassion, gives good advice, and has a positive attitude."

4. Ms. Gintjee - "I feel recognized and nurtured in her class. She makes an effort to make us laugh, she is fun, and makes teaching look less boring!"

5. Mr. Tejeda - "He is an outstanding teacher who goes out of his way to listen to you. He is supportive, and helps us with planning our future and wants the best for us."