AP/Honors Courses

Although they are not technically a department, the teachers of AP and Honors courses at Channel Islands High School meet and collaborate regularly like a department. They discuss common goals, concerns, and instructional strategies in order to develop cross-curricular units and professional development opportunities to improve student outcomes and experiences.

English 1H, English 2H, English AP: Language and Composition, English AP: Literature and Composition
English Department
Social Studies
AP Human Geography, AP European History, AP US History, AP US Government, AP Macroeconomics, AP Psychology,
Social Studies Departmet
Integrated Math 2H, Integrated Math 3H, Precalculus H, AP Calculus AB,
Math Department
Biology H, Chemistry H, Biology AP, Chemistry AP, AP Physics C: Mechanics
Science Department
World Languages
Spanish 4AP: Language and Culture, Spanish 5AP: Literature and Culture, French 4AP: Language and Culture
World Languages Department
Studio Art: 2-D Design AP, Studio Art: Drawing AP
Art Department