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CIHS Weekly Update

USA Spirit Nationals Champion Team

Academic Decathlon

Overall, our A team earned 32,647.4 compared to last year’s score of  31,065.2. They also ranked 12 out 30 overall.  In our division, we ranked 5th out of 11, but were only 3,439.6 below the first place team in our division (last year we were 4117.1 below our divisions 1st place team). 
ANOTHER amazing thing to note is that our A team took THIRD place in one of the 10 events, Interviews. They beat out ALL the schools in every division to take 3rd. This is the first time that we have placed in the top 3 in any event. 
In total, we walked away with 29 medals. We doubled our number compared to the 22 we brought home last year. Explanation of competition below*
  • Alessandra Gotico: 1st in Economics, & Language + Lit, 2nd in Art. White Division Scholastic
  • Tristan Sy: 1st in Math White Division Varsity
  • Denise Abille: 3rd in Interview,  3rd in Music. White Division Honors 
  • John Isaac Lacambacal: 2nd in Interview, & Math, 3rd in Music. White Division Varsity
  • Evelyn Sanchez: 2nd in Interview. White Division Honors
  • Jose Carrillo: 3rd in Music, 2nd in Math. Blue Division Varsity
  • Natasha Springer: 2nd in Essay &  Language + Lit, 3rd in Science. White Division Varsity
  • Manuel Vasquez: 2nd in Music. Blue Division Varsity
  • Matthew Mendoza: 2nd in Speech. Blue Division Scholastic
  • Jasmine Escobedo: 3rd in Essay, 1st in Speech & Art, and 3rd in Science. White Division Honors
  • Kalani Rozet: 2nd in Social Science. White Division Scholastic
  • Anahi Madrigal: 3rd in Science. White Division Scholastic 
  • Jesus Ramos: 1st in Speech. Blue Division Honors
  • Nikki Sincero: 1st in Interview, 2nd in Language + Lit & Speech, 3rd in Music. White Division Honors Alternate



Raider ROCKstar

Congratulations to Mrs. Jenny Lopez (J.Lo!) on being the Raider ROCKstar for 2/6-2/27!  Jenny had multiple nominations!  One person wrote:

“Jenny has great ideas when it comes to integrating technology into her classroom in creative ways and is always willing to share her creations. Jenny has also worked hard to make sure that new teachers in her department feel welcomed and included on campus. Did I also mention all her work as a tech coach and yearbook instructor? Thanks for all you do Jenny! “
Thank you for all you do for our colleagues and students, Jenny!  You ROCK!

Mock Trial

On Saturday, February 8 our CIHS Mock Trial Team had a scrimmage against Carpinteria High. Every year, CI gears up for our county competition by scrimmaging against different teams across our county and bordering counties. CI did very well on Saturday and are excited to take on any school in this year’s competition at the Ventura County Courthouse. Go Raiders! 

Teacher Blue Ticket Winners!

Congratulations to our blue ticket winners, Mr. Blake Hill and Mr. Nick Schlesinger!  Thank you for showing community!  We appreciate all you do at the Islands!

BFA Trade Show Competition

On February 12, the Senior Business and Finance Academy class hosted their very own trade show competition at CIHS in the library media center. Usually the senior class is invited to attend a national trade show in Bakersfield or Pasadena, but this year due to our academic calendar, they weren’t able to attend and hosted their own show here. The students founded a travel company, DoveTail International, and spoke to business partners, teachers, and several students to try to convince them to purchase with them. Many thanks to our wonderful business partners, Mrs. Linda McCarthy, Mr. Peter Turcios, Mr. Charles Benedict, Ms. Edyta Rusek, and Mr. David Walker who volunteered their time to give our students valuable feedback about their product, salesmanship, and business. We’d like to thank the director of work based learning Ms. Teresa Tellez for helping with the industry partners. A huge thanks to Ms. Powers for guiding the students on their business journey. 


1. Counselors have begun working on the in-house registration process for grades 10-12 and will begin meeting with students during the month of March through their math class. 
2. Counselors are finishing up the last rounds of middle school visits for 8th grade registration. They visited Frank, Fremont, Haydock, E.O Green and Mesa Union this week. 
3. The roll out of the spring semester went by smooth and Counselors were able to meet the balancing deadline on Tuesday, February 11th at 3 pm. 
4. Our Financial Aid workshop took place on Thursday, February 12th and was hosted in collaboration with Mrs. Sanchez and financial aid representatives from Oxnard College. We had about 24 students attend this workshop and successfully complete their FAFSA application. 

USA Spirit National Champions

I wanted to personally share and congratulate our Short Flags and Song Pom squads for their wins at USA Spirit Nationals this year. Song Pom has won their first national title in the Large Varsity Song/Pom Novice division and Short Flags has again won in both the 1-Flag and 2-Flag divisions. 
With our Song Pom only in their second year of existence, it is amazing to see how far they have come in such a short period of time, in a style of dance that is far from the hip hop movement they are used to. The majority of schools’ Song/Pom teams are primarily female, so to compete with a coed team is very unique to our school and the energy in the Anaheim Convention Center was electric when they performed. 
The Nationals stage is nothing new for our Short Flags though, with their legacy preceding themselves. These are the 6th and 7th USA National titles for our senior captain, Arella Apiado and our senior co-captain, Michelle Segura. Junior treasurer, Kathleen Doctolero, will go into her senior year with a chance to win USA Nationals titles for a record 7th and 8th time, which would be the first in our history. 
All our other squads will have their chance to win a USA Nationals title next month, March 20 & 21, at the USA Dance Nationals event, again held in the Anaheim Convention Center. 
Thank you for all your support in our squads and if you ever have a free Saturday, competition season is January-March every year. The kids enjoy seeing their teachers at competition, supporting them! Shout out to Ms. Plascencia, who consistently comes out to at least 1 or 2 competitions a season and see our kids in action!

Tierra Vista and Channel Islands High School

TVS and CIHS partnership! Celebrating Read Across America Day!

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