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CIHS Weekly Update 12.6.19

Students are dancing

FilipinX club hosts conference

On Saturday November 23 the Channel Islands Filipinx club hosted a conference put on by  the UCSB KP (Kaptirang Pilipino Club)

students from all over Ventura county came to channel Islands High School to meet with other pinoy youth for an LYC (Leadership Youth Conference).  They made connections with the college students from UCSB who led pinoy cultural activities and informational break out sessions.


Counselors are continuing to meet with seniors and their parents to update and/or check  the progress of their graduation status. Counselors, in collaboration with Mrs. Butler, and Edgenuity teachers, have begun a process to ensure that students who are enrolled in Edgenuity courses, are making adequate progress.  Parent communication through Parent Square and letters will be sent home advising parents of their Edgenuity status. 

On Monday. December 2nd, Mr. Campos, partnered with Hueneme High School, took the migrant students to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for a campus tour.  The students were excited to learn about all the different opportunities, services, and programs offered at Cal Poly SLO.

Mentor Counselors and our AP aligned to master schedule attended a middle school articulation meeting for schools in the Hueneme School District to begin the planning process for our incoming freshmen.  Topics that were discussed were visits to our school, online enrollment nights, and setting up dates for counselor visits to the middle schools.

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Manriquez, Estrella