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CIHS Weekly Update 11.22.19

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Student News

Hello Raiders!! The Friday update is a new, up and coming newsletter about all that’s happening in the library each week. The individuals in charge of this weekly update are Raquel, A.J, Evelyn, and Rachel. We are the third period library science team who gladly took on this task. We are here to inform all of you CIHS students about all of the special things the library program has to offer. . As our newsletter grows and our audience gets bigger, we will have special class attacks where we may possibly come right to you! The library has many amazing features, so stay tuned for future newsletters where we disclose them and let you in on all of our special little quirks. Check back next week for another update! Thank you for the read, have an amazing break Raiders!


Friday Update 11/18-11/22 This week, seniors came out into the library for voter registration, to be able to elect the next President in November of 2020. Over 300 Raiders received the help they needed and are prepared to participate and exert their rights in the near future.

Friday Update 11/11-/11/15 Some other news involves the Library Orientation, hosted by the librarian, Ms. Tahsuda, with the aid of her various periods of Library Science. An estimated 1,064 freshmen students came to the library to learn about the resources available to them and how to properly use them, ranging from printing to access grades. 


Counselors are continuing to schedule SST and parent conferences with seniors that may be at risk of not graduating and developing a plan for graduation. 

Counselors are continuing to write letters of recommendation for students applying to private universities through the Common Application. We are also writing letters of recommendation for students applying to scholarships and programs offered through the universities such as EOP.

On Wednesday , 11/13 and Thursday 11/14, a few Counselors attended a crisis intervention daylong training at the district office. This crisis intervention and post prevention training will prepare counselors to form part of the school’s crisis team in collaboration with our Nurse, SRO, AP, School Psychologist, and Student Intervention Specialist. 

On Friday, 11/15, a few Counselors attended Oxnard College for their OC Connect event. Counselors learned about their programs, dual enrollment process, FAFSA updates, and student services. Counselors had an opportunity to network with other counselors and staff from our neighboring districts. 

On Thursday, November 14th, Counselors went on CI Live and announced the winner of the second drawing for students who completed and submitted their FAFSA/ Dream Act application. The second price was a Gradnite ticket! 

Raider ROCKstar

Let’s all give our Raider ROCKstar Michel Lara a big round of applause for being our ROCKstar for 11/21-12/5. Mich had multiple nominations. One person stated: 

“He is always ready to help students and staff alike. He is a quiet but diligent counselor who goes above and beyond.”
Congrats, Mich! You ROCK!

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