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CIHS Weekly Update 11.15.19

Students at channel islands

Raider ROCKstar!

Congratulations to our Raider ROCKstar for 11/7-11/21, Mr. Greg Puentes! 
One nomination said, “ He is an awesome campus supervisor! Always friendly and helpful, and he has helped me get to know CI.”
We appreciate all that you do for students and staff, Greg. You ROCK!

Graduation Requirements Presentation

Mr. Campos gives a presentation on graduation requirements to the ELD students.

Day of the Dead

CIHS day of the dead event on Nov. 8 was a success with over 400 people in attendance. Radio Lazer, Chavalos de Arranque, Los Mixos, and Banda Suspiro Sinaloense were in attendance. Student art from different genres was displayed. This community event was organized by the World Language Department and supported by students and staff.

Mock Trial

Every year the CIHS Mock Trial team is invited to participate in the Trivia Challenge aka Battle of the Brains which sponsored by Ventura South Rotary Club. All proceeds go directly to the Ventura County Library Adult Literacy Program which “has helped thousands of Ventura County adults achieve personal literacy goals such as passing the GED, U.S. citizenship, and gainful employment.” This program has been recognized as one of the top community based literacy programs in California. The Trivia Challenge participants are engaged in a game that is similar to the TV show Jeopardy. Teams of three members are asked a question and have 30 seconds to write down their answer. Winning teams receive community recognition and a trophy. The evening is designed to be very fun and educational. Teams were asked questions like: What was Mickey Mouse’s original name before Mrs. Lillian Disney suggested Walt Disney change it to Mickey? What color does the winning Tour de France team wear? What bird has bigger eyes than its brain? What does each letter in HDMI stand for? Bucharest is the capital of which country? and many, many others! The kids were cheered on by their proud Coach Mrs. Adrian, physics teacher Mr. Corona, English teacher Mr. Prum, and Board President Dr. Gary Davis. Go Raiders!

BFA attends the Career Education Showcase

On November 7, the Business and Finance Academy along with Mrs. Valarie Ulrich and Mrs. Monica Adrian attended the district sponsored Career Education Showcase where all our academies were able to talk with the public about all the exciting activities we do. Two of our seniors Jacquelyn Hernandez and Samantha Roman, and junior Jessie Mora delighted all the curious potential enrollees with their positive insights about the BFA. We look forward to having these students join the Raider family and be a part of the BFA academy once they come to the Islands.

Early Academic Outreach Program

Early Academic Outreach Program hosted several College Application workshops for students, on November 12 and 14. The students attended the workshop and received assistance with the CSU, UC and CommonApp applications. Several students got to submit their applications, taking them closer to achieving their dream of accessing a college degree.

Early Academic Outreach Program presented to all students in the 9th grade on California Colleges in their Biology class, presentations took place on November 12 and Nonmember 14.  The presentation engaged student in an activity that allowed them to better understand the difference between a job and the skills needed. Students completed the Interest Profiler from California Colleges that provided them with an idea of a career they might be interested in and the education needed to be successful. EAOP Academic Services Coordinators Britney Luebeck and Daniel Cortez and College Site Coordinator Griselda Sanchez make this presentation possible.

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