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CIHS Weekly Update 11.8.19

2019 Boys Cross Country PVL Champions

Day of the Dead

In preparation for day of the dead, students work on projects: a catrina and masks. The event will take place on Friday, Nov. 8 in the CIHS quad.

Cross Country PVL Champions

Congratulations to Boys Varsity Cross Country for winning PVL Championships yesterday at College Park in a close battle with Ventura.  JV Boys also took first place.  Varsity girls took 3rd place which earns them a place to next week’s CIF Prelim meet.  JV girls took a respectable 4th place.  CI boys took first in league in 2017 the year before Ventura came to our league.  Ventura HS is traditionally they are CIF Finalist and 2014 state champs.  Take a look at this picture and take the time to congratulate each of these boys. if they are in your classroom.  We thank you for your support.


Counselors are continuing to schedule SST and parent conferences with seniors that may be at risk of not graduating and developing a plan for graduation. Senior letters will be mailed out this week informing parents of their status and stating which credit recovery plan is currently in place for the student.

Counselors are looking at Quarter 1 grade reports for all grade levels and meeting with students starting with seniors first. 

Counselors are beginning to write letters of recommendation for students applying to private universities through the Common Application. We are also writing letters of recommendation for students applying to scholarships and programs offered through the universities such as EOP.

Counselors, in collaboration with Griselda Sanchez, are working on reaching a 80% FAFSA/Dream Act completion rate for the class of 2020. If the senior class reaches this goal, a special event, “Cashella,”  will be hosted for all seniors.  Our first drawing was on Thursday, October 24th for students who completed and submitted their FAFSA/Dream Act application. On Friday, October 25th, counselors and admin went on CI Live and announced the winner of our first drawing. The first prize winner received a CIHS yearbook. 

We are excited to welcome Collegesaurus-Rex to the CIHS counseling team! Rex was introduced on CI Live and will continue to celebrate students on their FAFSA completion, college application process, A-G eligibility, and much more! 

Early Academic Outreach Program

Early Academic Outreach Program hosted a College Application workshop for students, took place October 28 and November 4th, periods 1-6. Close to 40 students attended the workshop and received assistance with the CSU, UC and CommonApp applications. 

 Early Academic Outreach Program hosted a Senior Academic Recognition events.193 seniors were recognized for being A-G track and having a 2.0 and above GPA. The recognition consisted of information sessions were students were presented with a certificate and information on the options available for them to achieve higher education and make it possible.

Early Academic Outreach Program presented to all students in the 9th grade on the importance of homework and time management. The presentations took place in their English class from 11/04-11-06. Students had the opportunity to learn on the importance of completing their homework and learn how to use a google calendar as a way to assist with time management. EAOP Academic Services Coordinators Britney Luebeck and Daniel Cortez.

Early Academic Outreach Program hosted a College Application workshop for students, on October 29 and November 5. The students attended the workshop and received assistance with the CSU, UC and CommonApp applications.

Early Academic Outreach Program hosted a Common Application workshop this Wednesday, NOvember 6 from 2-3 PM. Admission counselor form CLU Diana Hernandez was here to guide our students and provide feedback through the application.

Early Academic Outreach Program provided all seniors in their AVID class with an important workshop on how to write a college response, essay or for scholarship essay on Tuesday, November 5th.

Early Academic Outreach Program presented to all students in the 10th grade on California Colleges in their World Civ class and the presentations took place on Thursday, November 7th and Friday, Nonmember 8th.  The presentation engaged student in an activity that allowed them to better understand the difference between a job and the skills needed. Students completed the Interest Profiler from California Colleges that provided them with an idea of a career they might be interested in and the education needed to be successful. EAOP Academic Services Coordinators Britney Luebeck and Daniel Cortez and College Site Coordinator Griselda Sanchez make this presentation possible.

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