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CIHS Weekly Update 10.25.19

Homecoming 2019-Class of 1979 Alumni Panel

Homecoming 2019 was a special time for more than just the current students of Channel Islands HIgh School. The Class of 1979 celebrated their 40th reunion during this festive period. On Friday, an alumni panel comprised of eight members of the class of 1979 assembled in the library to meet with classes of students. This group of professionals has been a close knit group for decades – several of them went to elementary, middle and high school together.  The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for these professionals to share about their life journey and share insight with current Channel Islands students. These panel members grew up in the same neighborhoods, went to the same schools and walked the same hallways as our students. They were kids once, too. They struggled, just like our students. Each panel member shared about their occupations and education, then they responded to a series of questions compiled by Mr. Martin, our Career Counselor. The professionals talked about their high school experiences, their struggles, why they love their work and shared amazing pearls of wisdom with our students. It was a special time for all involved. The individuals on the panels came from varied backgrounds. Several of them are very accomplished in their careers. The panel included:

  1. Fides May La Roy, Director of Choral Activities, Palm Springs School District
  2. Admiral Victorino G. Mercado, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans & Capabilities (Two star Rear Admiral-Retired.) Channel Islands High School Senior Class President
  3. Myra De Leon, Engineer, Operations Microelectronics, Aerospace System, Northrup Grumman Corp. Channel Islands High School Valedictorian
  4. Winfred De Leon, Chief Building Official, City of Sacramento, Community Development Department, Building Division
  5. Adrian Rosales, Small Business Owner
  6. Bernie LaForteza, Superior Court Judge, Los Angeles County, Channel Islands High School ASB President
  7. Ernie Carrasco, CIHS teacher and coach
  8. Larry La Roy, Chiropractor

Saturday Raider Academy

On October 19th, Channel Islands High School held its first Saturday Raider Academy. Over 100 students attended tutoring sessions, academic enrichment classes, and physical education classes. Our students had a great time, and we are looking forward to our next session on November 16th. 

Early Academic Outreach Program

Early Academic Outreach Program coordinated the Financial Aid Night that took place on Thursday, October 24, 2019. 39 Students and parents received assistance with the FAFSA/Dream Act applications. Financial Aid Advisors from Oxnard College took the lead on assisting our parents.  Special thanks to the CI Counseling Team and CI Upward Bound for the assistance and support.  

Raider ROCKstar!

The teacher who has nominated Mr. Garcia every week (!!!) said:

I’d like to nominate Adrian Garcia as Raider ROCKstar because he is UH. MAZE. ING.

He is currently teaching 6 periods with three preps (INCLUDING his period 6 where he is SPLIT between coaching soccer and teaching math). He is firm, but fair with the students challenging them appropriately and motivating them with the honesty that he truly believes in them. They respect him immensely, replying to him with, “Yes, sir.”

Mr. Garcia is co-teaching for the first time. And as if he doesn’t already have enough minds to mold, he is also doing his best to teach an old dog (me) new tricks when it comes to math, yet he STILL values me as an expert in the room. I am incredibly lucky to be able to work with him. He is a TRUE ROCKstar!

Thank you for all you do, Mr. Garcia!  You ROCK!

Teacher Corner

The Math 2h kids were getting in touch with their pirate roots by using triangle congruence properties to find the treasure hidden on the CI campus!


  • Counselors are beginning to write letters of recommendation for students applying to private universities through the Common Application.
  • Counselors, in collaboration with Griselda Sanchez, are working on reaching a 80% FAFSA/Dream Act completion rate for the class of 2020. We will be having our first drawing on Thursday, October 24th for students who completed and submitted their FAFSA/Dream Act application. The first prize winner will receive a CIHS yearbook.
  • Counselors are scheduling SST meetings and parent conferences for credit deficient seniors and juniors.
  • Counselors are working on generating senior letters that will be mailed home informing parents of their student’s graduation status.  
  • On Thursday, October 24th, CIHS will be holding a second school-wide FAFSA/Dream Act night from 6-8 pm in the library. Financial Aid Representatives and Counselors will be available to assist parents and students with their application.
  • On Monday, October 21st, CIHS counselors and admin assisted an Ed Services Roadshow, day-long professional development day with district directors.  Topics that were presented covered the new graduation requirements for current 8th grade students, CTE Pathways and the new Ethnic Studies course that will begin next year.

Cross Country

Ventura County Cross Country Championships was last Friday at Lake Casitas on a hilly course.  We had some outstanding performances and personal best times despite the difficulty course.  Our JV Boys won the race led by Noah Castro in first place.  JV Boys are displayed in the picture on the top left. The bottom left picture displays the varsity boys who placed 7th in the entire county and the top school in the city.   Isaiah Slagboom placed 10th overall and is the last boy on the far left of the picture.   The far bottom right of the picture displays the Sophomore boys who placed 2nd overall led by Alexander Alvarez and Gaberiel Contreras both holding the plaque to the left and right of the picture wearing the black long sleeve.  Above the sophomore boys are the 4th place JV Girls led by Carla Rueda who is holding the plaque.  The top right picture displays our 9th place Varsity Girls team led by Maria Texis who was a 12th place finisher overall.  Maria, only a JR is shown wearing her blue jersey.   This Saturday both varsity Boys and Girls Teams will be traveling  at 5am to Riverside for their 8am race.  Go Raider!!!

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