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CIHS Weekly Update 9.20.19

Counselor Corner

  • Counselors are meeting with credit deficient seniors and developing a graduation plan. Counselors are meeting with seniors to enroll them in zero or 7th period Edgenuity courses as well as additional credit recovery opportunities such as Work Experience and ROP courses. 
  • Counselors are scheduling SST meetings and parent conferences for credit deficient seniors and juniors. 
  • Counselors are continuing to review transcripts and identifying students that are close to meeting their A-G requirements.
  •  All classes were balanced on Tuesday, September 17 by 3 pm.
  • Counselors and Mrs. Sanchez, EAOP Coordinator, will be presenting important information to our seniors next week in their social sciences classrooms. Information presented will include college application deadlines and processes, FAFSA, postsecondary options, application requirements, and A-G’s.

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Manriquez, Estrella