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People on 1stday of school year

Welcome Back Raiders

The kickoff to the 2019-2020 School Year started off with a bang.  The CIHS Week of Welcome (WOW Week) began with a rally to welcome students and celebrate academics, athletics, and the arts.  Athletes and Top Scholars for each of the grade levels entered the gym with a standing ovation and performances by cheer, short flags, and dance.  Students, during the course of the first two days, received their one to one device and a special block schedule was created to teach students how to learn at CIHS.  Engaging activities incorporated the use of the Chromebooks to support our PBIS community and students learned in detail how to utilize their district email, StudentVue, Google Classroom and Suite, and other applications to support their learning.

Teacher Corner

The Math 3 CP students worked as a team to solve a problem together. The task was a group of 4 students was to build the tallest free-standing tower they could in 15 minutes with 5 sheets of newspaper and duct tape. one student could not speak, another student could not stand up, a third student could not use their left hand and the last student was blindfolded. Fun was had by all!

Counselor Corner

Counselors have been busy working on balancing teachers and classes., making schedule changes for students, and reviewing their Seniors to ensure they have all the classes they need to graduate.










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