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CIHS Weekly Update 5.24.19

CIHS teachers participate in Math Ed Tech PD

Several CIHS maths and SPED’s Trevor River, participated in the Student-Centered/ED TECH Math PD at district office. Along with other district math teachers they participated in activities that increased their capacity with tech-based instructional and curricular tools (e.g. Google Classroom, Google Forms, Jamboard, Screencastify, Khan Academy, Flipgrid). A highlight was a brain-storming activity where the participants consider which tools could be used to enhance components of Madeline Hunter’s 7 step lesson template. This work will better prepare them to leverage one to one devices improving students’ math inquiry and engagement. On an exciting note Ed Tech Coordinator Jay Sorensen’s tweet of the PD was liked by Mathematical Mindset author Jo Boaler.

Japanese Student Visit

Students from Kokusai Patisserie school in Japan, after a 2 year hiatus, made it back to the Islands! They went on CI Live, visited classrooms and met with ASB for a cultural exchange of activities and food. Next? They’ve invited us to visit them!! If not, we’ll see them next year @ CI!

Farewell Ms. Visser and Ms. Dabrowska

On Thursday, May 23, 2019 both English and Foreign Language Departments Celebrated a bittersweet farewell for Ms. Visser and Ms. Dabrowska. Both amazing teachers will be greatly missed. Once a Raider, Always a Raider!

Teacher Corner

Physiology students studied the “mammalian diving response” which takes over when our cheeks are exposed to cold water to reduce oxygen needs and allow mammals to hold their breaths longer. It is found in all mammals and has saved many lives. This allows people to be revived after long periods without oxygen that fall into ice water or are covered during avalanches. Students got creative in how to set up the lab and work as a team, overall they collected great data and made some great discoveries.

CIHS BFA Juniors Go to the Finals!

Once again, the Channel Islands High School (CIHS) Business and Finance Academy (BFA) has great news to share! This time it is regarding the CIHS BFA Juniors. Our own CIHS BFA had four of its nine teams qualify for the Round 2 Semi-Finals held this past Saturday May 18th. In fact, every year for the last 3 years since it entered this competition, the CIHS BFA has had at least four or five teams qualify for Round 2. At the same time, many schools throughout Ventura County were lucky to have just one of their teams qualify. Following Saturday’s competition, for the first time ever, a CIHS BFA Team “SnapNShop” was chosen as just one of 10 teams (of the more than 100 teams competing Countywide) to move on to the finals held on Monday evening, May 20th at Rancho Campana High School. CIHS BFA students can be proud to be the first ever District students to advance presenting a plan for a business idea of their own conception, with research work they did totally on their own. Yay CIHS! Yay BFA! Round Two (and Round 3) Contenders Included: *Team Snap N Shop – (Went to the Finals!): Cristopher Morales Martin Navarrete Thania Pineda Jennifer Quiroz Jimena Sliva Hernandez Team Safe App: Brenda Arroyo Christina Chavez Orozco Jimena Flores Esmeralda Vazquez Team InterVue: Priscilla Alamillo Ana Hernandez Jacquelyn Hernandez Samantha Roman Tania Sanchez Team Real Fitness: Jesus Armenta Mendoza John Malig Jesus Montanez Ordaz.

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