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CIHS Weekly Update 4.26.19

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CSF South Central Regional Conference

CSF South Central Regional Conference held at the Huntington Library on 4/13/19 Desirae unfortunately did not win, but we all had a great time and Desirae said it was a wonderful experience!

CIHS BFA Juniors Compete in Aspire 3 New Ventures Challenge

On Tuesday, April 23, 2017, the CIHS BFA Juniors participated in the first of 3 possible rounds of New Venture (business plan) competitions with Aspire 3. The competition was held in the CIHS library. Principal Adams provided opening remarks, five business professionals/partners were in attendance. They included Aspire 3’s R&D Engineer; and serving as judges were two BFA Advisory Board members and two of their business colleagues.

Round 1 required that the students develop business ideas in small groups, research feasibility, cost, and more, and prepare formal written business plans, along with PowerPoint presentations which they presented to the panel of judges on Tuesday. Judges hit them with some strong, pertinent questions following their presentations, but our students were right on point with amazing answers!

Round 2 will involve the preparation of table-top tri-fold display boards to represent their business ideas, which they will pitch to unknown Countywide judges on Saturday May 20th at the Ventura County Office of Education.

Round 3 involves presenting their PowerPoint presentations with modifications made to address round 1 judges’ feedback and suggestions, to yet a third set of judges. This event will take place at VC Innovates on the evening of Monday May 20, 2019. The CIHS BFA is the only Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD) program that has competed in the Aspire 3 New Venture Challenge in the past. The OUHSD has never had a team advance to round three of this competition, though the CIHS BFA had one team that came very close to doing so last year. This year, we Raiders are Feeling Oh So Good about the possibilities…

In Round 1 on Monday, eight CIHS BFA teams competed as follows:

1. Yacht Clothing – Diego Chavez, Adam Flores, Chris Espinosa

2. SnapNshop – Chris Morales, Martin Navarette, Thania Pineda, Jennifer Quiroz, Jimena Silva

3. InterVUE – Priscila Alamilo, Ana Hernandez, Jacquelyn Hernandez, Samantha Roman, Tania Sanchez

4. R.M.P.G. Chargers – Oscar Martinez, Axel Pina, Juan Rodriguez

5. Real Fitness – Jesus Armenta, John Malig, Jesus Mendoza

6. Zamana – Angela Garcia, Annalisa Meza

7. Filter Hub – Ramiro Gutierrez, Luis Lopez, Kristian Mangaccat, Alexis Melena

8. SAFE APP – Brenda Arroyo, Christina Chavez, Jimena Flores, Esmeralda Vazquez

In the end, three teams are chosen to win cash prizes with a guarantee of moving on to round two. At least one additional team will be selected in the next couple of weeks as a wild card draw to advance to round 2 with them.

And Round One’s top three winning teams are:

In First Place: SnapNshop

In Second Place: SAFE APP

In Third Place: InterVUE

Teacher Corner

The ELD students took a fieldtrip to Oxnard College for a welcoming event designed for bilingual students. The workshop topics included financial aid, OC pathways, orientation, and application process. The purpose of the event was to motivate students to attend college.

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