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Mr. Schlesinger reported, on November 15, despite raging wildfires, sixty-plus CIHS students attended Open Mic hosted by the CIHS Student Arts Collective and enjoyed a diverse show featuring instrumental and vocal music and spoken-word poetry. The highlights of the show included the beautiful Mariachi style vocals of junior Stephanie Carranza and the accomplished poetry of senior Angelina Leanos; although, the real star of the show was the spirited and supportive audience. Thank you to Mr. Haynes for lending your musical talent to the event. Our next event is a Poetry Slam scheduled for January 17th.





Marine Science Academy students visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the San Francisco Academy of Sciences this last weekend. A little visit here to the Golden Gate Bridge brought an engineering aspect to our science experience. We also visited Cal State Monterey Bay and San Jose State University. All this was topped off with dinner and Christmas lights in Union Square and rounded out with a little English literature immersion at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas.
Teacher leaders were David Haynes and Theresa Lujan.



UCSB Early Academic Outreach Program(EAOP)

Mrs. Griselda Sanchez reports:  College Site Coordinator’s presented to all freshmen students in their English class on “College Making It Happen” . The students received information on the A-G requirements, 4 systems of higher education, SAT/ACT, importance of extracurricular activities, and Financial Aid.

EAOP College Site Coordinator’s and the CIHS Counselors provided a hands-on workshop this week to all juniors in their English class on the ” Understanding PSAT Scores”. The workshop consisted on having the students create a Khan Academy account, College Board account and liking the PSAT scores to Khan academy. Also, the students received information on how to interpret their scores and how create a plan to study to improve score before the next test.



Mrs. Harrell, representing the Marine Science Academy, was invited to attend a 3-day workshop at the Port of Hueneme where she and many other STEM teachers from across the county built SeaGlide underwater autonomous robots. The participants were given a kit and instructions and with guidance from the workshop leaders they built and programmed their robots. Once they were complete, they were tested and raced in a large pool at the Port. Gliders similar to (and larger than) the ones built in this workshop are used in marine science research to monitor water quality across the ocean. Many types of sensors and cameras can be added to these machines to monitor a variety of factors. 

The Marine Science Academy was gifted over a dozen SeaGlide kits. A small group of MSA students will be working throughout the Spring Semester to build the kits in preparation for the MAST Showcase and Competition in April. Thank you to the U.S. Navy, SPAWAR, VCOE, VC Innovates, and the Port of Hueneme for this fantastic opportunity! 






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