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Geo Bowl

Last Saturday, Channel Islands Geography Club participated in the Geo Bowl at Oxnard College. The students worked hard and met often to prepare for the event. To President Vanessa Buenrostro, it was important that CI’s Geo Club was recognized as a top contender.  She fundraised and made the club shirts to show unity. She loves her Geo-Clubbers and made sure they were treated as family. Victor Ramos is the Vice-President and he received a 5th place finish out of 100 students on the written exam. He is the first ever CI student to receive an award in this category. Just four points separated him from the first-place score! Channel Islands competed with two, six-person teams. Team A took third place in the team event, a feat not accomplished in 25 years. Team A was Vanessa Buenrostro-President, Victor Ramos-Vice-President, Savannah Gamboa, Enoch Ashong, Mabel DelAguila, and Paulina Silva. Team B consisted of Michelle Ponce, Evelyn Sanchez, Elizabeth Hernandez, Liz Flores, Leslie Navarro, and Jesus O. This competition was out of 17 other schools with a total of 31 teams. Mr. Ernie Carrasco is the advisor of the Geo-Club.  Congrats to our Geo Bowl Members and Coaches Carrasco. & Porter! 



ASB held their annual blood drive here at the Islands with a great response.  Thank you to the ASB team.  They were able to not only recruit student donors, but faculty and staff donors as well.  Great job ASB! 



With direction from AP Shannon Scott, the 1st Counselor Job-A-Like was held this week off site at the union offices.       Ms. Scott reports that not only did the counselors get uninterrupted networking time, but they also got “googily”.  The counselors worked on specified and agreed upon procedures for Level Changes, HHTs, Independent Study Short Term for Travel and Medical / Behavioral issues, Medical P.E., , as well as 504s and crisis intervention resources.  They also worked on a stream-lined APC, structure for SSTs & Parent Conferences that will include a digital Student Feedback Form for teachers, to name a few.  The next Job-A-Like will focus on specific goals for success for each grade, from 9th grade to 12th grade.  Our Island Counselors Rock!

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