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CIHS Weekly Update 5.18.18

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Teacher Corner

Math 2H students explore Volume and surface area with cake. Each group was given the task of creating a square cake, cutting it into 5 whole pieces where every piece has the exact same amount of cake and the exact same amount of frosting. They had to create a journal of their efforts complete with all the math supporting their cutting claims. Cake day was celebrated on 5/11, with oral presentations and eating! Why 5 pieces when the groups were 4 students? A piece for their teacher of course!


Following their District Business Plan Competition with Aspire 3 on April 10, 2018, four (4) Channel Islands High School (CIHS) Business and Finance Academy (BFA) teams advanced to the Aspire 3 semi-finals held at Cal Lutheran on Saturday May 5, 2018.  Those teams included


#4: Snook, a cooking + app idea developed by team members Benito Gracida, Bryan Reyes, Vanessa Rojas, Jordy Solano.


#3: Peel-a-Plate, an environmentally friendly disposable plate business idea. Team members included Hector Diaz, Juan Duran and Cezar Luna. Business idea originator was Juan Contreras.


#2: CJKZ, a wardrobe, accessory and weather app business idea created by team members Zitlali Rosette, Jimena Tapia, Citlali Valencia and Kimberly Xahuentitla.


#1: TAFE’, a travel, educational, all-in-one app business idea created by team members Adriana Maldonado, Thais Morales, Fabiola Ramirez and Elizabeth Vargas.


The first through third place teams each won cash awards which were split equally amongst all team members.


While round 1, the District competition, consisted of PowerPoint slide presentations of the teams’ business ideas, round 2 involved a mini trade show type of presentation with teams using tri-fold display boards that they designed to present their business ideas to judges who periodically came along to assess each team.  Students all did a great job presenting through this process. And they had a strong showing of support from their BFA classmates at all levels; freshmen, sophomores, and seniors voluntarily chose to come along and support the juniors throughout the day in this competition held at Cal Lutheran on Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, of all days.  All BFA students were then treated to a campus tour of the University.


Competitors came from schools throughout Ventura County, and included college students along with middle and high school students.  While our teams, the only ones from the City of Oxnard, did not quite make it to the third and final round of competitions on this day, the students’ teacher, Ms. Powers, was informed by one of the Aspire 3 organization partners that one of our CIHS BFA teams, CJKZ, came very, very close to being in the final round this year, alongside teams from Foothill and DeAnza Tech in Ventura, and schools from Westlake Village, Camarillo, and college/university students as well. This was only the CIHS BFA’s second year in this competition. We are very proud of the CIHS BFA Juniors for their great showing at this event, and know they will continue to learn, grow, and do well in this competition, and/or others like it, year after year.


CI seniors Vernadette Laderas and Roselyn Romero were recognized Wednesday night as 2018 Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Scholars at a ceremony at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. They were two of 100 Ventura County seniors recognized for their leadership, character, communication skills, academics and commitment to community.


Romero, a 4-year member of Mock Trial and editor-in-chief of The Isle File, was one of 16 students to receive a scholarship ($2,500) that night. The foundation awarded a total of $50,000 in scholarships. In the fall, Romero will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a journalism major.


Laderas, the ASB president, will attend UCLA in the fall, majoring in human biology and sociology. Both Laderas and Romero are valedictorian candidates.


The keynote address was delivered by Margaret Talev, the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association and a senior White House correspondent. The awards ceremony was followed by a buffet dinner in the Air Force One Pavilion.


Both girls were accompanied by their parents. Also attending the event were CI principal Dr. Ray Senesac and scholarship recommenders Monica Adrian, John Grennan and Brett Zielsdorf.



Students in Ms. Jones honors biology classes learned the EduProtocol, Iron Chef Slides, this week. The classes did a scaffolded version in the beginning of the week, focusing on learning how to collaborate and complete the slide deck in their group with a non-biology content example (the Big Mac). After the that experience, student groups were able to complete an Iron Chef on Homeostasis and present them to class. Like the TV show, there is a time component and secret ingredient. The activity kept students engaged and they liked the format.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch

In recognition of the efforts our staff gives to our students we will host a staff luncheon on May 11th.  I would like to take a moment and recognize and applaud our teaching staff at CIHS. We are fast approaching May, the month of appreciation!  The week of May 7 to May 11 is teacher and nutrition services appreciation week.  Teacher Appreciation day falls on May 8th; while we all honor our school nurse on May 9th.  Classified staff appreciation week covers May 21st through May 25th.  I want to thank every teacher and Let them know we appreciate their daily efforts to educate and socialize our students.  Likewise; I want to thank all of our classified employees for their day in and day support of our teaching staff and our students.

Again, I thank each one of our staff for being here to help build our students into tomorrow’s adults and leaders.




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