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CIHS Updates – 03.23.18

CSF hosted the South Central Regional Conference

CSF hosted the South Central Regional Conference on Saturday 3-17-18 here at the Islands fun was had by all who attended! We had live entertainment, great food, informative and fun filled workshops while the Regions Seymour finalists were interviewing to see who took home the extra $3,000. There are 10 finalists per region each is awarded  $2,000 for being selected. Our very own Roselyn Romero was our finalist this year. Roselyn didn’t win the extra cash, but she did win the essay contest on the value of community service and was given $1,000. She was the only person in the state to receive this award!!! The CSF students worked very hard putting together this conference and were proud of their accomplishments. Many many many thanks to everyone that helped us.

Nutrition Vendor Showcase 2018

On Thursday, March 22, 2018, multiple vendors came to Channel Islands High School to present food items to be to considered for the 2018-2019 menu. Multiple students and faculty members were able to try many different items. Along with that they also voted. The items that have the highest amount of votes will be selected for the menu next year.


Mock Trial State Finals 

In February our CIHS Mock Trial Artist, Alejandra Orozco, placed 1st in the county for her exceptional drawings and artistic talent. Alejandra then moved on to the Mock Trial State Finals that took place on March 16th  through the 18th in Orange County at the Santa Ana Courthouse. There she not only represented CIHS, but Ventura County as she competed against all the winning artists from all the other 37 counties in California. Unfortunately she didn’t place in the top three spots and won’t be moving on to nationals, but we are incredibly proud of her and can’t wait until she competes again. Here are her State drawing entrees.

ASB Sophmore Throws Dance

ASB Sophomore Class planned the Throwback “Blast to the Past” Dance. Music was played from the 70’s to early 2000’s. The student body responded by dancin’ the night away–and they were “dancing”! It was great fun for all, and as one student stated, “I hope the Prom is this fun!”

March Madness has Arrived

March Madness arrived in flying colors! the Phi Slamma Jamma Dunk Contest lifted the events off with Malik Patton soaring to Slam Dunk Champion.
Next was the 2-ball shooting contest where senior members John Grennan and Brad Bowman were the team to beat. As it should be, students won the contest. Next up, 3-on-3 Tournament!

2 ball contest –
Bowman sinks one! Grennan shows form! 

CI Squads Swarm Blackstock

The CI Squads were invited to perform at Blackstock Middle School, and they did not disappoint! It may as well have been the Beatles arriving in the US for the first time! The middle school kids were screaming and clamoring for autographs! And when the squads began to perform, they crowd went nuts! It was a great showcase for all.

Teacher Corner

The Ventura County Math Council sponsors a student contest every year. For over 20 years, my students (Ms. Romines) have won in the high school division. This year the prompt was to create math posters in the fryer model.


Mrs. Fernandez’s Statistics Class

Each group created 30 Chance Cards and a Board Game that was developed through their own creativity based on topics that were covered in class.  Concepts such as Probability with or without replacement, and the Counting Principle were made as the chance cards.  With so much talent, the judging was difficult to do on the creativity of the project so with the help of Mr. Mares, Mr. Phrum, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Porter and Mrs. Ulmer, the judgment was in and the winner was…..
2nd place Jonathan Herrera and Steven Hernandez

1st place Yvonne Reyes and Areli Ruiz

The winners from the Probability Board Game


Nine CI swimmers participated in the Ventura County Swim Championships, a three day meet at Kimball Aquatic Center. Per tradition, dinner at The Habit after finals.


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