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CIHS Updates – 02.02.18

Open House

Channel Islands High School had their 1st annual Open House dedicated to our feeder schools which included Ocean View, Blackstock, Lemonwood, E. O. Green, Frank, Haydock, Driffill, and Soria.  The turnout was amazing, fun, and informative.  Our future freshmen felt embraced by our faculty, staff, and students throughout the night.  The night was filled with department showcases, counseling sessions, science fair in the library, entertainment and food in the quad.  Sport shirts were raffled to our incoming freshman for interacting with our activities.  We can’t wait to welcome the class of 2022 to the Islands in the Fall!

Ms. Jones Biology Students extract DNA from strawberries 

After starting the semester by extracting DNA from strawberries, biology students in Ms. Jones’s classes followed up the activity with a QFT–Question Formulation Technique. The lesson was co-taught with teacher-librarian, Mrs. Tahsuda-Nelson, who has experience with the QFT process. With roles to play and rules to follow, students generated, categorized, improved, and ranked questions based on the QFocus (see picture of slide). Tomorrow students will present their work and reflect on the process as well.

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