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CIHS Updates – 01.26.18

Peer Resource motivating their peers pri0r to Final Exams

Peer Resource- Peer Resource wanted to bring some motivation to Channel Islands during finals week so they made post-its with encouraging words to fire-up their peers. Good luck on finals!

Geography Bowl

Led by team captain, Senior Alexia Moran CI competed in 29th Annual High School Geography Competition sponsored by Oxnard College this Fall. The topic was “Go Local”. There was individual & group divisions. We fielded three teams comprising of Freshman to Seniors. Although we did not place in the top three, we were competitive. Our next activity will be a field trip to the Santa Barbara Mission & the Natural History Museum. We also plan on viewing the devastation in Montecito & leaving flowers at the memorial in respect to those who perished.

ASB hosts “Letters to Our Heroes” 

CIHS’s ASB hosted a “Letters to Our Heroes” event to honor those who bravely protected our community during the Thomas Fire. On December 8, 2017, many CIHS students and community members came to CIHS to write letters expressing their gratitude.
On January 18, 2018, letters of appreciation were presented by ASB officers and AP Ramos to Oxnard Police Department representatives, Sgt. Shrubb and SRO Mora.

On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, letters of appreciation were presented by ASB officers, Principal Senesac, and AP Ramos to Oxnard Fire Department representatives, Fire Captain Steve Barton, Engineer Dan Landis and Firemen Ruben Castellon.

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