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CIHS Updates – 11.17.17

Mock Trial attends the Annual Trivia Challenge 

Every year the Rotary Club of Ventura South hosts a trivia challenge fundraiser to raise extra funds to support the READ Adult Literacy Program. The mission of the READ program is to help adults improve their reading and writing skills as most have little to no basic English skills.  Last night, 12 members of the CIHS Mock Trial team were able to attend the Trivia Challenge. The members were divided into 4 teams of 3 and 1 team took first place in the Youth category. Our winning team consisted of Eric Ortiz, Genesis Perez and Micaela Cano. The students had to answer questions like what is the dot called above the i and the j, what’s the largest island on Earth that’s not a continent, who was the republican VP candidate in 2008, where is the Venus de Milo sculpture currently at and so many other questions. Other Raiders that attended were Kelvin Santacruz, Julia Jensen, Roselyn Romero, Yajaira Arroyo, Jesus Ramos, Marco Guzman, Alan Cahuantzi, Alexa Harvey, and Jesus Marmolejo. Our alternate was Jasmine Juliano and all were chaperoned and cheered on by their proud coach and teacher Mrs. Monica Adrian.

Mock Trial

The California Court of Appeals and the Constitutional Rights Foundation, invited us to participate in a field trip to the Appellate Court in Ventura.  During the visit, our students watched oral arguments of a real appellate court case and participated in a Q&A with the attorneys and the justices in their chambers.  The case in question was about a man that felt his guilty verdict in his robbery case was unfair because he had a criminal past, he was only the getaway driver and didn’t commit the actual robbery, and he was tried with his codefendant that had a criminal record too and therefore asked . It was a great opportunity for our students to learn about the American Justice System and the role the appellate court plays in our judicial system.


Peer Resource 

On Thursday, Nov. 9, Peer Resource attended Camp Shalom in Malibu.  They were accompanied by Pacifica’s Peer Resource class.  At the camp, They had a great experience that fostered personal and social growth, leadership skills, team work and were given anti-tobacco/drugs information.  Then they were broken off into three groups to participate in team building, leadership, communication, and trust skills.  They did this through several activities such as: a rope course, problem-solving puzzles, zip lining, and more.  They had a blast, made new friends, learned life lessons and skills, and can’t wait to go back again.

Raider Band

Congratulations to our Marching Raider Band for winning 2nd Place at the Pismo Beach Band Review!
Our next parade performance will be at the Oxnard Christmas Parade on Saturday December 2, 2017.  Come share some holiday cheer then support our 4P.M. fundraiser at Chipotle where 50% of purchases will go toward our efforts to buy new uniforms.

Teacher Corner

Students in Ms. Jones physiology class dissected sheep brains as part of their nervous system unit. Groups were tasked with identifying structures and knowing what they do.

CI Live students visit Radio Lazer 910 AM

The Channel Islands Broadcast team took a field trip to Radio Lazer 910 AM last Friday to produce a 2-hour show. Participants from the CI Live web show were responsible for everything from pre-production to being the on-air host for a bilingual radio talk show that reaches thousands of listeners in the Central Coast area. Thanks to our own Upward Bound coordinator, Dr. Maria Cruz and her husband, David Cruz, who is the host of the regular morning talk show for having us on the air!

BFA Students attend Global Manufacturing Summit in Santa Barbara

Channel Islands High School Business and Finance Academy students attended a Global Manufacturing Summit in Santa Barbara on Friday, October 27, 2017. The event, sponsored by the Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Santa Barbara City College and the Economic Development Collaboratives of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, was yet another powerful opportunity for CIHS BFA students to benefit from these organizations efforts to deliver cutting edge issues and information to our students in the most professional of settings.  One key take away for our students: Let your customers drive your product development, no matter where you conduct business.

Safety Lockdown drill 

On Thursday, November 9, 217 we held our 2nd Safety Drill of the year. Overall, our lockdown drill went well.

Art Students receive the Dedicated Student Award

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017  Art students in Mr. Cardinez class were recognized at the Board meeting.  Martin Medina, Lynn Abagatnan, Yesenia Gomez, Ricardo Vargas, Samantha Herrera, Sergio Nunez and Angelique Oliva received the Dedicated Student Award. These students have been coming in on Saturdays, on their own time, with Mr. Cardinez to deepen their understanding and skills in art.

Adult Transition Homecoming dance 

On Thursday, November 17, 2017 Adult Transition Program held their Homecoming dance. Students enjoyed



Congratulations to boys XC for qualifying to CIF Finals last Saturday at CIF prelims. Ricardo Torres won his race. This is the 1st trip to finals for the boys since 1990. Finals will be held this Saturday at Riverside.

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