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CIHS Updates – 11.09.17

Isle File members attend the 3rd annual Journalism Heart and Soule workshop

Seven members of The Isle File, along with adviser John Grennan, attended the 3rd annual Journalism Heart and Soule workshop in Ojai on Wednesday, Nov. 1. About 60 student-journalists from throughout Ventura County heard from a variety of professional journalists. Darrin Peschka, news editor of the Ventura County Star, spoke on running a newsroom in the digital age. Wendy Leung, news reporter for the VC Star, talked about writing good leads and interviewing techniques. Students also heard from Perry Van Houten of the Ojai Valley News; Logan Hall, a photojournalist for the Ojai Quarterly; and long-form journalist Mark Lewis. Students shared newspapers and had a nice lunch. The event was held at the Soule Park Golf Course. Check out The Isle File online at


Marine Science Academy

On Saturday November 3rd, CSUCI’s Dr. Phil Hampton hosted the 9th Annual Science Carnival at Rio Vista Middle School. The Marine Science Academy was invited to volunteer to run a station. The station was called “The Dark Night” – Sonolocation. The student volunteers taught children of all ages about how bats, whales, and dolphins use echolocation to determine their surroundings. The children put on a device and wore a bat mask with the eyes covered (invented by Dr. Phil Hampton of CSUCI) that emits the sound/click of a Mastiff Bat. As they got closer to a cardboard cutout of Batman, Bailey, or Dory, the clicks would be closer together, alerting them that they were close to an object. The kids participating had a great time and the MSA volunteers did a fabulous job of explaining the activity to the children. Thank you to the student volunteers Salma Aguilar, Dulce Garcia, Jackie Torres, and Melissa Bermudez (left to right in the image) for volunteering their time on a Saturday night. Thank you also to Mrs. Lujan and Mrs. Harrell for volunteering their time to supervise the station as well.

Filipinx Club Meeting

On Wednesday, November 8th, Filipinx Club held a meeting and had a great turnout, it was a packed house. #languageday#KamustaKana#Mabuti

Library News

October has been a busy month over in the library with classes scheduled everyday ranging in focus from library orientation, book checkout and our reading program, guest speakers, and research across multiple subject areas.

Mrs. Daw’s freshman biology classes were introduced to the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) as an inquiry access point to a unit on photosynthesis. Students worked collaboratively to develop questions in response to a question focus and then categorized, revised, prioritized, justified, and presented their work. 

Mrs. Harrell’s environmental science classes came in on Halloween for a fun, challenging Breakout Edu activity. Students worked collaboratively on a variety of puzzles requiring them to put their creativity, critical thinking and teamwork skills to the test to “Breakout” of the library and save their souls from the evil Halloween witch. The learning activity is a riff on the popular Escape Room adventure games. 

Both the QFT and Breakout Edu activities can be designed around any content area. Pop by and visit!

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