CIHS Athletics Mission Statement

Channel Islands High School’s athletic program strives to be a learning environment where students develop the work ethic, citizenship, and team building skills necessary for success in all aspects of their adult lives.

Athletics Policies

Student-athletes at Channel Islands High School must be academically eligible with a GPA of at least 2.0 and passing at least 20 semester credits. They must be well-behaved at all times and realize that athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. They are to be always respectful to teachers, coaches, officials, opponents, and classmates. In addition, student-athletes are expected to be drug and alcohol free.

Pursuing Victory with Honor

Channel Islands High School enthusiastically supports the CIF’s emphasis on sportsmanship through the “Pursuing Victory with Honor” program. The programs’ philosophy is founded in fairness, caring, honesty, citizenship, respect, and trustworthiness. To find out more about this program and its expectations for students, coaches, parents, and administrators, please visit the state CIF’s website. or theSouthern Section website..

Phyra Prum, Athletic Director

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Banner Program

Support the Channel Islands High School Athletics Program through your sponsorship in our banner program. The banners will be up at all football, basketball and baseball home games. Please complete the sponsorship portion of this letter, attach a check payable to CIHS Athletics and supply artwork for your business. Digital artwork is preferred.

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Phyra Prum,
Athletic Director

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Athletic Secretary
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